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Four ideas to keep your warehouse clean

A clean warehouse is vital for business. Not only is it important in terms of health and safety, but a pleasant work environment is motivating for staff and creates a good impression should important clients come to visit. In order to maintain a clean warehouse we recommend the following:

1. Have a cleaning schedule
A set rota of tasks will make sure that cleaning is carried out on a regular basis. Having a checklist or sheet which can be signed after jobs are completed is good practice and also provides a record of what has been done and by whom.

2. Make sure all employees know they role/duties
As well as there being a cleaning schedule, there also needs to be recognition from staff that they each have a role to play. Their duties could be written into their contract or they could be made aware of company expectation during a formal induction or training course.

3. Make sure equipment is accessible
If employees are responsible for certain tasks or areas, make sure that the equipment and products they will need to fulfil their duties are at hand. This makes it more likely that the cleaning will be carried out properly and on time. Appoint someone to check stock at regular intervals to avoid running out of key supplies.

4. Use a professional cleaning company
If employees already have heavy workloads or cleaning needs to take place outside of warehouse operation time, then consider using a professional company. This will ensure the work is carried out to the required standard and can be scheduled to take place at a time which will cause minimal disruption to output levels.

Webton Cleaners are based in Leeds and provide cleaning and property maintenance services throughout Yorkshire. The services we provide include industrial deep cleaning, builders cleaning, office cleaning and floor, carpet and window cleaning. To speak to us in more detail about your company’s cleaning needs please get in touch today on 0113 217 5763.

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