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How to clean your carpet

All carpets need to be cleaned and looked after. They are notorious for holding on to dirt, bad smells, germs and bacteria; often unbeknown to the naked eye.

The fibres of the carpet can absorb lots of harmful bacteria and dust that need to be removed. Especially if you have young children crawling and playing on it. Also for what you can’t see, what you can see will need urgent attention.

As carpet is a fabric it can be very hard to remove dirt and stains once they have dried and soaked in. Here’s how you can clean your carpet at home.

Firstly, remove any large pieces of rubbish. Things like coins or bottle caps that wouldn’t fit in a hoover.

Secondly, here’s what you will need
- Salt
- Borax
- White vinegar
- Vacuum
- Steam cleaner


1. Vacuum. Thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet, get the dust, the hair and al the particles out of the carpet fibre

2. Mix ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup of borax and ¼ cup of white vinegar together. Apply this paste to the worse affected, deeper stained and spoiled area of the carpet

3. Now start the stem cleaner. This is a much better option than other dry cleaning methods that is attempted and reviewed online

4. Pour hot water onto the soiled carpet. Some people suggest using carpet shampoo but hot wiling will do just as good a job at removing dirt and grime soak the carpet with the water than use the steam cleaner to suck the water and everything it has lifted up from the carpet

5. Let the carpet completely dry, don’t put any tables or furniture on the carpet whilst it is still dry. It is best to complete avoid walking on the carpet until it is dry.

This method will almost certainly thoroughly clean your carpet. It will definitely remove any dust and dirt. Depending on what the stain is and how long it has dried into the carpet, red wine left for weeks for example, may still be too tough for home cleaning.

It may be best to hire a professional cleaning service. The professional cleaners will already have all the top of the range equipment and cleaning products, they will be experienced in tackling all kinds of stains, and they will be able to it much faster and at a much higher quality than the average homeowner.

Webton Cleaning services are a Leeds based cleaning service who can help with professional carpet cleaning, call the team now on 0113 217 5763.

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