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Top tips to keep your office clean and tidy

At Webton cleaning service we understand the importance of having a clean office and workspace. A clean office creates a much happier environment and your employees will work much better than if the office is a mess.

Good working conditions rank number two out of a study of top motivators for employees, just behind pay. The working conditions and working environment is crucial to a well-motivated, and therefore hardworking, staff.

We are often extremely busy whilst at work, and if the mess piles up too much it becomes too big of a problem to resurrect. The untidiness of the office may be too far gone for a quick clean and would require a commercial cleaning service.

To avoid getting yourself in this position there are a few easy measures you can take to stay on top of the office mess and stay organised and tidy.

1. Chuck, shred or bin any old paperwork. Offices are usually full of cold, useless pieces of paper. You may have scribbled down a phone number or written down a message, or even a note-to-self, either way get rid of any old pieces of paper

2. File everything. Filing is key to good organisation, not only does it mean you will know where your things are you will also have a much cleaner office space.

3. Declutter desk. It doesn’t take much for our desks to be full of clutter, a family photo and a laptop is just fine. But when there is a stapler to your left and a pot of pens or scissors to your right, it is easy for the whole office space to look cluttered and untidy.

4. Add more bins. We spend around 40 hours a week at our desk so from time to time you are bound to accumulate a bit of litter. If you have a readily available bin then simply toss away any rubbish

5. Clean out your mugs. Cups of coffee is what gets most of us through the day. But before long the mugs can pile up on our desks. If you don’t readily wash your mugs out then there can be stacks of empty mugs making the whole office look a mess.

A tidy office is key to a happy workforce. With us spending so much time in one room and often at one place we want to be able to enjoy it. Being surrounding by mess can seriously demotivate and even annoy many people.

if you simply do not have the time, or the mess is too far gone for you to be able to clean without getting put behind on work, call a professional cleaner.

Webton Cleaning Service have built a reputation for high quality and professional commercial cleaning in Leeds, Wakefield and the surrounding areas. If you need more information about our commercial cleaning services or would like to make an enquiry call us now on 0113 217 5763.

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