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Why Outsourcing Your Cleaning Could Benefit Your Business

Outsourcing cleaning for your business can have its benefits. If you run a small business you likely won’t have your own cleaning company, rather you rely on your employees to help keep the office tidy. However, whilst keeping on top of empty mugs and litter can be easily managed, larger problems can begin to have a negative effect on your business.

There are lots of reasons why outsourcing your commercial cleaning can be the right move for you:

1. Focus on other areas

Cleaning can take up a lot of time. Time that could be put to better use if its directed at helping the business make money. Maintaining a tidy office whilst can be easy if it’s done as the mess appears, can lead to lots of lost time. You may not think much at the time but 10 minutes here and there by each of your staff, whether that be filing or hoovering can lead to lots of valuable time lost that could be used to make money. similarly, as opposed to the odd 10 minutes it can be equally damaging to do it all at once. If your business has been busy then it’s easy for paperwork to pile up. May be to the point where you have to act, this often takes a day or two to put right, which means entire days are lost to cleaning.

2. Reduces Cost

Whilst hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business can indirectly save you money, it also can directly save your business money. If you were to spend money cleaning your office the costs can quickly add up. Once you’ve spent the money on a hoover, cleaning supplies and equipment, you must also pay your staff the hours for which they are cleaning. When a cleaning service is outsourced the company will already have these equipment and staff to perform the service which will be reflected in their price.

3. Morale

If the office is tidy this is much better for employee morale. They are more likely to better motivated to do their job if they are in a clean and today environment. If they constantly have to work around mess than this will begin to take its toll and their morale, motivation, creativity and productivity.

4. Quality

No matter how much you have cleaned at home, or how handy you are with a hoover, you or your staff won’t be able to guarantee as good a quality clean as a commercial cleaning business. Outsourcing to companies mean you are hiring, experienced, trained and high quality cleaners that are paid for the quality of their service. Most of them also self-implement quality control on their jobs so they can ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and value for money

There are many direct and indirect benefits for outsourcing the cleaning for your business. It is ultimately much more cost effective to hire an affordable and professional high quality commercial cleaning service.

Webton Cleaning Service have over 15 years’ experience cleaning for a range of businesses across Leeds and the Yorkshire area. For more information about how we can help you call us now on 0113 217 5763.

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