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Clean office for Christmas

 A clean and hygienic office is not only good for appearances, but it can also keep employees happy and healthy, especially through the winter months.

Here at Webton in Leeds, we have experience in both commercial and domestic cleaning to those in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area. We understand how important it is to ensure your offices and businesses to be able to work in a clean environment, and the importance of creating the right impression with clients and customers.

Here is our office cleaning checklist all Leeds-based companies should be following before Christmas to ensure a happy return to the office in the New Year.

1. Empty Bins
An easy thing to miss, but very important if you’re office will be empty over chirtsmas. Any full bin can cause mess and bad smells, especially when left for extended periods of time. Our commercial cleaning team can help with this in our cleaning contracts, but just in case we don’t clean your office yet, remember the bins!

2. Dusting and sanitisation
For offices with a lot of employees, it can be easy for germs and bacteria to spread and accumulate, especially in the winter months, which can lead to a whole office sharing a cold. At Webton we offer services to tackle the growth in germs in offices, cleaning to the highest quality hygiene standards. We can dust and clean toilet and kitchen areas to ensure any germs don’t bring everyone down.

3. Sweep and Vacuuming of the floors
As much as dusting can help clear lingering germs and bacteria, it is just as important to vacuum and clean floors regularly. By clearing out every aspect of dust or dirt from your office, your employees will likely be healthier and feel happier.

Start the New Year right by returning to a clean office. If your office is based in Leeds and you would like the peace of mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us now on 0113 217 5763 to discuss your Leeds office cleaning requirements and have a no obligation quote.

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